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Choreographer, producerNederlandse Versie

David Middendorp

DSC_3678BBBThroughout my life I have been influenced by my father, who is an engineer and my mother who is a painter, writer and illustrator of children books.

My work is often a mix of dance and multimedia. I like to use animation, because I believe it can help to emerge the viewer into the world I am creating. My interest in animation originated from my parents, but also from the fact that I saw many similarities between dance and animation.

They can both give a twist to reality that I believe can help us to step back from our own reality and see it in another perspective. On a more basic level I think they are similar aswell. To say it very simple, sometimes I choreograph movements for dancers and sometimes for pixels. In the end they are both translations in time that I’am trying to give a meaning.

I am starting to use multimedia in my creation process and in my final result. I am busy developing a method to be able to use multimedia to give direction to the improvisation of dancers. Like this I am trying to involve the dancer in the creative process, without losing grip on the movement material as a choreographer.

The aim in my work is to make the multimedia part equal to the choreography and integrate it in a way they support each other, not fight for attention.