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Choreographer, producerNederlandse Versie

David Middendorp

DSC_3678BBBChoreographer David Middendorp presents his work under the name Another Kind of Blue. This has been seen on theater stages in recent years, but also at festivals such as Lowlands and Oerol. He gained international acclaim when he took part in the popular television show America’s Got Talent in 2014, where he reached a spot in the final. In recent seasons he performed all over the Netherlands and London with Flirt with Reality in which he, among other things, had a dancer interact with 12 drones.
With his unique mix of dance and innovative technology, David Middendorp offers an inspiring total experience in his work. And he makes you think in a playful way about how technology influences our lives and our world.

“Throughout my life I have been influenced by my father, who is an engineer and my mother who is a painter, writer and illustrator of children books.

My work is often a mix of dance and multimedia. I like to use animation, because I believe it can help to emerge the viewer into the world I am creating. My interest in animation originated from my parents, but also from the fact that I saw many similarities between dance and animation.

They can both give a twist to reality that I believe can help us to step back from our own reality and see it in another perspective. On a more basic level I think they are similar aswell. To say it very simple, sometimes I choreograph movements for dancers and sometimes for pixels. In the end they are both translations in time that I’am trying to give a meaning.”