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Since September 2017 there are new dancers joining Another Kind of Blue. Five new dancers are participating in developing and the making of a new choreografy ”Game Engine”. One of them, Antonino Milazzo, is already joining Another Kind of Blue since 2015.

demi01Demi-Carlin Aarts 

The Netherlands, 6th of November 1993

”It is about how to translate the technology around you in your body.”





Jeroen vaJeroenn Acker

Belgium, 4th of Juli 1987

To work with a lot of technology is a challenge. Shapes, lights and projections, there is a lot of input. Dancing in and around technology makes you aware of yourself as a dancer. After you danced, you see yourself on a projection screen and sometimes I think: ‘’Oh, am I really doing this?’’ It makes you more aware of how you dance.




Corinne Cilia

Italy, 29th of June 1994

”With Another Kind of Blue I did my first performance abroad. We went to Thailand. It was a very nice  experience, with a very enthusiastic audience.”





KlevisKlevis Elmazaj

Albania, 25th of November 1993

”Working for David is nice because he brings us to diverse experiences and events. Diverse countries to perform in, diverse pieces to dance and he brings together a diverse group of dancers. When we have to improvise during a rehearsal, every dancer comes up with different moves, which is very interesting.”

Watch this video where Klevis tell about his experiences during the rehearsals of Airman.



faizaFaizah Grootens

The Netherlands, 12th of December 1987

”For me dancing with technology is a complete new experience in which I am still learning a lot. What I think that is so great about dancing and technology; there is always room to improve and learn. It is forever changing and change is the only constant thing in life.”




nino01Antonino Milazzo

Italy, 17th of May 1987

”I’ve been working with dance and technology for a few years now. Even though I’ve danced some of the choreographies over  100 times, it still surprises me how much concentration is needed to perform this type of art work. It’s a work of precision that keeps body and mind alive.”