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Violet Broersma

Born: 27th January, 1993, Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)
Trained: The Royal Conservatory of The Hague, The Netherlands.


Career summary:
Violet started her education at the Royal Conservatory when she was 12 years old, and now at 22 years old , is at the beginning of her career. As an apprentice, she has performed with Introdans and Nederlands Dans Theater 2, and since completing her Bachelor she has been working as a freelance dancer. Violet has created her own work and been a part of the professional productions of De Dutch Don’t Dance Division and Sagi Gross Dance Company.
The spirited collaboration between Violet and David Middendorp began when he was a creative mentor during her time at the Royal Conservatory. Since then, they never lost touch and she is very happy to now be working with David and to dance in his adventurous and technologically-exciting performances!

Violet’s dream is to keep on dancing, and travel the world whilst performing. She hopes to be on stage and enjoy it as much as she is doing now. Violet’s curiosity draws her to keep on learning and experiencing new things.

''To be part of this group is a great experience for me! It is a versatile group of dancers. Some are more experienced than others and we learn from each other. The creation process was fun and challenging and I enjoyed rehearsals a lot. It is the time where the idea starts to become reality, and where you have freedom to create, laugh, learn and explore. I am fascinated by the combinations and possibilities of live dance in combination with technology. It requires a different way of working/thinking.''


Madeline Harms

Born: August 23rd, 1991, Mount Gambier (Australia)
Trained: Maryke Dance Academy; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School, Melbourne (graduated 2009); Codarts Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands (graduated 2012).


Career Summary:
Thanks to the gracious support of the Pierino Ambrosoli Foundation, Madeline embarked on her European adventure in 2010, and during her final year at Codarts, was given her first taste of professional experience during her internship at De Stilte Dansgezelschap (NL). Shortly after graduation, Madeline joined the youth dance company Dantzaz Konpainia (Spain) directed by Adriana Pous. Here she worked with choreographers Itzik Galili and Jacek Pryzybylowicz, for the premiere performance of ‘Kamelioia’ in May 2013, and also worked in collaboration with Jacopo Godani and Jone San Martin (Forsythe Company) for the installation project ‘Dantzazegia’.
Since returning to The Netherlands, Madeline has been a freelance dancer for various choreographers/projects, including Svetlin Velchev/CIRCLE Rotterdam, Dance In Art, De Kiss Moves, Rianne Slenema, Korzo Productions, Generale Oost and Introdans.

Madeline has a keen interest for travel and writing, and loves to grasp any opportunity to explore. Through her experiences abroad she hopes to one day contribute to the Australian arts scene by being involved in cultural exchange, working together with communities to initiate arts festivals, tours and creative collaborative opportunities.

''Joining the team of Another Kind of Blue for the Blue Technology Tour has been an absolute blast! It has given me the opportunity to discover a new and exciting way to explore dance, reaching different creative dimensions through the technology of today. As technology continues to develop and amaze us, I am looking forward to the surprises of what this collaboration between engineering and movement can continue to bring!''


Christopher Havner

Born: August 14th 1986, Houston (Texas, USA)

Training: The Ohio State University, USA (graduated 2008); Codarts Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands (graduated 2009).


Career Summary:
Christopher began his professional career as apprentice with Dansgroup Amsterdam and shortly after graduation joined De Stilte Dansgezelschap (NL). Since then he has worked in collaboration with numerous companies within Europe including Project Sally (NL), De Dansers (NL), Theater Osnabrüek (D), Theater Basel (CH) and Konzert Theatre Bern (CH). This is Christopher’s first production with David Middendorp.





Antonino Milazzo

Born:  May 17th, 1987, Sicily (Italy)
Trained: Codarts Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten, The Netherlands (graduated 2010).


Career Summary:
Antonino’s professional debut was during his internship with Noord Nederlandse Dans before joining De Stilte Dansgezelschap after graduation. Since 2012 he has worked with various Dutch-based choreographers/companies including Isabelle Beernaert, Project Sally, Lonneke Van Leth, Joost Vrouenraets and David Middendorp.

The collaboration between Antonino and Middendorp in the past 3 years has been very strong, leading Antonino to work not only as a dancer, but also as rehearsal and choreographic assistant.


''Being part of Blue Technology is like being fully-immersed with what working with David has been since the first time till now, having to dance in one full evening show with drones, projection, double projection and cameras. Now, I’m very curious to know what will be next!''


Johanna Nielandt

Born: July 24th, 1989, Ekeren (Belgium)
Trained: Dansstudio Arabesque; De Kunsthumaniora Antwerpen (graduated 2007); Codarts Hogeschool Voor De Kunsten (graduated 2011).


Career Summary:
Johanna spent her final year at Codarts as an apprentice at Cullberg Balletten in Stockholm, Sweden. During her time with the company she worked alongside renowned choreographers Alexander Ekman, Crystal Pite, Benoit Lachambre and Tilman O’Donnell. Since returning to The Netherlands in 2012, Johanna has been working as a freelance dancer with Svetlin Velchev and David Middendorp. With the work of Middendorp, she has been involved in various festivals and has toured nationally and internationally.

Johanna is currently studying to receive her Bachelor of Dance Education at the Artesis Plantijn Hogeschool Antwerpen. She is passionate about educating young minds and transferring the knowledge she has gained over the years to a new generation of dancers. Johanna is already active as a guest teacher as Base23 (Stockholm), Evites and CIRCLE Dance (Rotterdam).

''Working with David Middendorp on Blue Technology has already been an enriching experience. Usually, when technology is being used, it is on the background, but David Middendorp works towards an interaction and cooperation between technology and dance. For me as a dancer this is very challenging, but it gives me the opportunity to grow and develop more then just my dance technique. I already love the trip down technology lane and hope that the road is long and full of new experiences.''


Loris Casalino

Born: October 24th, 1991, Pescara (Italy).
Training: ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands (graduated 2016)


Career Summary:
Loris was an apprentice for David Middendorp during Blue Technology 2015. This year he is graduated from ArtEZ and he also is, luckily, one of our full dancers.

Outside of dance, Loris has a curiosity for the way things work and are constructed, and enjoys learning how to build and fix objects with his own hands. One day, he hopes to have invested his time and money well in order to be able to travel the world to continue experimenting and collecting new experiences.


''Even if this is my first professional experience in the dance field, I have been feeling very comfortable to work with David's crew. I have been learning many aspects of the creative process of a performance and how important it is to collaborate together as a group. I have been able to enlarge my knowledge about my physicality and way of working, and most importantly, I'm enjoying the kind of work proposed!''


Sara Ceredi

Born: June 4th, 1992, Omegna (Italy)
Training: ArtEZ Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, The Netherlands (graduated 2016)


Career Summary:
This year Sara is graduated from ArtEZ . In 2015 she was part of Blue Technology as an intern, but this tour she will be one of the full dancers of Blue Technology.

In the future, Sara would like to combine her knowledge of dance and theater for social aims. She would like keep exploring the physicality of her body to express from within herself, as well as the influences around her.


''I think being part of the "Blue crew" is an amazing way to learn how to be and work together with people. Being this one of my first work experiences as an apprentice, I have to say that I'm very fortunate, as I have been given the space to explore my feelings and physicality together with the rest of the group. Together we're growing, improving and having FUNNN!!''