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Choreographer David Middendorp develops computer animations for his own performances and for those of other creatives. When making animations, it is common to work with so-called “motion curves’; lines that very precisely describe the motion of an object. His experiences with animating and the principle of motion curves had Middendorp come up with the idea of also ​​giving choreographic input to dancers through the use of lines. To give shape to this new idea of how to make a ​​choreography, he decided to create an app: Kandinsky.

Kandinsky is a great starting point for developing dynamics for anything that moves. On a tablet or smartphone, the app works as a notepad with a time dimension; one can capture shape, rhythm and tempo in lines, with a soundtrack as the background. Once saved, the notes are like a living drawing that can be played out to explain a certain dynamic. Middendorp develops the app himself, in collaboration with software artist Marcus Graf, and uses it to make his choreographies. He works with Kandinsky since 2011 and in 2012 he used it to make the piece Three Rooms. Also Blue Technology was made through the use of the app.

Kandinsky has many useful applications. It can assist a theater technician to work out the timing and placement of lights, props and actors; a sports coach can use it to give instructions to his pupils; the app can give direction to cooking, et cetera. When used for any type of dance, it opens up possibilities for a whole new way of choreographing. A choreographer or dance teacher that works with Kandinsky leaves much room for the interpretation of his dancers. A dancer interprets the input given by the app from his own body language. The choreographer has less direct control over the choreography, and therefore the app triggers experimentation and allows him to develop new dance idioms that closely fit the dancers.