For the end of the theatre season, together with a group of (volunteer) dancers, we dive into the world of contact improvisation, motion capture and dance and give a sneak preview of our new piece Missing. 

This new choreography is a multidisciplinary exploration of the (digital) unknown that breaks the boundaries of dance, technology and imagination. With compelling music by Marit Thus and surprising technologies such asvirtual realityAnother Kind of Blue takes the audience on an enchanting journey full of emotion and memories. 

The piece is still in development, but during the End of Season we can already show you the first results. So come join us and end the theatre season together with us!                        

In the weekend of 1 and 2 July, you can enjoy this short show and presentation at the following times:

Saturday 1 July 7.30pm to 8pm & 10pm to 10.30pm

Zondag 2 juli: 16.30 tot 17.00 uur

Location: De Gheijnstraat 51, The Hague

Admission: Free, but reservation is required

Don't miss out and book your spot today via the button below:

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Interview with Artful Science

Knowledge through the lens of creativity. Recently, our choreographer David Middendorp was interviewed by Aaron Dworkin of Artful Science, a platform that aims to make science, technology, and mathematics accessible and fun for everyone. Something we couldn’t agree more with!

Whether a wall - Our performance at Kingsday 2021

We have more exciting news: at Kingsday Another Kind of Blue will perform with singer Chagall and Sioux Technologies in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. Together we will take you along in an innovative spectacle of dance, drones and music.

HandsON now available in the Steamstore and on Spotify

More HandsON news! Our unique virtual reality experience HandsON is now available in the SteamStore. And our dreamy HandsON soundtrack now is also available on all major music platforms.

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