A limited series of NFT's

For WAVE, our new performance, we have put together a limited series of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). 

In line with the central theme of WAVE, this photo series revolves around wave movements too. The dancers’ movements remind you of the fluid way in which waves move. The result is an ode to the strength and elegance of the human body. 

The series is created by choreographer David Middendorp and consists of six different portraits of the dancers. The photos come in editions of three, meaning only eighteen of these special NFTs will be available for purchase in total. So, don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

With every purchase you support Another Kind of Blue

With every purchase you make, you not only own a unique work of art, but you also support Another Kind of Blue. As a token of our appreciation, you can attend a WAVE* performance as often as you like and we invite you for a special look behind the scenes. 

Did you buy one of our NFTs and would you like to make use of this special opportunity? The only thing you have to do is to make a screenshot of your purchase and email it to info@anotherkindofblue.nl. 

After we received your email, we will contact you to arrange everything! 

this only applies to the WAVE performances of the theater season in which you purchased the NFT..

The photo series

Where to buy the NFT's?

You can buy our NFTs on Rarible, one of the biggest platforms to buy and sell NFTs. 

To purchase them, you need a special wallet and Ethereum, a crypto currency. Not sure how to do this? Watch the video below, in which it is all explained.

More information about NFT's

For anyone who is not yet familiar with NFTs, we have collected a number of videos that explain what NFTs are and how you can buy them.

What is an NFT?

In dit artikel wordt heel goed uitgelegd wat NFT’s zijn en hoe het allemaal werkt. 

Kijk je liever een (kort) filmpje over NFT’s? Bekijk dan de video hieronder.

How to buy an NFT?

Got curious?