You can rent our dance studio + -

Another Kind of Blue’s dance studio is situated along the De Gheijnstraat in The Hague. Previously a training garage for mechanics, it has now been aptly dubbed the ‘Dance Garage’. Partially thanks to its previous use, the space is very accessible and spacious, making it a perfect place for developing our choreographies.

During our down seasons, we happily offer up the usage of this beautiful space to others. Obviously, this sizable studio is perfect for dance and theatre groups, but due to its advanced technical facilities it is also a great space for photographers and animators.

Facilities + -
  • One dressing room (mixed male and female)
  • Reception area/small sitting area with sofa and chairs.
  • Suspended floor with white Marley dance floor
  • The Dance Garage is wheelchair accessible and provides a toilet with arm handles
Technical Specifications + -
  • Studio dimensions: 10m x 7m
  • Projection screen: 3,40m x 10m at the wall and 8,50m by 6,50m floor projection
  • Green screen: 3,40m x 8,50m
  • Beamer: Panasonic PTDZ870EK
  • Motion Capture system:
    • Sixteen motion capture cameras: Optitrack Prima 13. The cameras are fastened to a grid suspended from the ceiling.
    • Two Optitrack motion capture suits (sizes M and L).
    • Connected to a computer with the following software packages: Motive, Resolume 6 and Unity.

Do you want more information or want to make a booking,
please contact us:

Lisa Boere
+31 (0)6 22 11 22 33