15 Minute Universe

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15 Minute Universe

A choreography about the relativity of time
David Middendorp
David Middendorp
Uri Eugenio, Guzman Rosado

For this work, choreographer David Middendorp sought inspiration in the phenomenon of ‘time’. All that we do, think, and make is related to time, and yet time is also one of the most intangible ‘things’ we know. What is time and how can we comprehend it?

To see the person next to you, light only needs the merest fraction of a second to reach the eye. Yet, when we look at the stars, we go back in time. Not just seconds, but millions of years. The moment we experience as ‘now’ is actually partially in the past. This intriguing aspect of time is something we do not often realise, but it is around us every single second of the day.

The Korzo production house has been celebrating choreographic talent that abounds in The Hague with Here We Live And Now – a title referring to the city and the times in which we live – since 2006. Dance creatives from The Hague are invited to create new work and to present this work in a full-length program. For the 2009-edition, Middendorp presented his work 15 Minute Universe.

"It's the black leather gloves in the duets that are terrifying. As if the unpolished masculinity of two of them – set against the quicksilver sacherpote of that one woman – is softened, but can explode anonymously at the same time."

Annette Embrechts, De Volkskrant
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15 Minute Universe
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Choreography David MiddendorpProduction KorzoAnimation David MiddendorpDancers Uri Eugenio, Guzman RosadoMusic Astrid Haring (harpist), Canto Ostinato – Simeon ten HoltKostuums Dorine van IJsseldijk

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