A unique experience in virtual reality


Immerges you in a magical world of hands and dance
Artistic leader
David Middendorp
David Middendorp
General manager
Hans Brouwer
Lisa Boere
Gijs Hanegraaf and Richèl Wieles, Ana Sofia Meireles (intern) and Evelyn Hutchings (intern)
Marketing & Publicity
Dieke van der Spek and Leonie Poot
Technical Producer
Stefan Bandalac
Nederlandse Dansdagen Digitaal

Another Kind of Blue’s newest production is a unique experience in virtual reality. Fascinated by the hand movements of today’s world leaders, choreographer David Middendorp created ‘hand choreographies’ that form the basis of this new performance.

In a swirling interaction of dancers and hands, a new surrealist world is created that surpasses the imagination. A magic comical world formed and sculpted by hands, that you can both watch and experience.

HandsON can be seen as a study of the underlying motivation of the people leading us, and forms a continuation on the performance ‘World Leaders’. More than in any other of his previous choreographies, with HandsON Middendorp goes in search of the deep layers that lie within humanity, taking non-verbal expressions as the mirrors of our subconscious. What do these expressions tell us about the state of mind of the people that govern us, and how do the people who are governed react to them?

"Destoriënterend is ‘HandsON’ van David Middendorp, die een VR-choreografie maakte waarin de kijker tussen de dansers kan bewegen door een soort primordiaal landschap van handen. Handen als bomen, handen als eilandjes, handen als vogels. Het is soms een tikje griezelig en Middendorp demonstreert dat VR in deze tijden een welkome, realistische illusie kan bieden."

**** NRC
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Artistic leader David Middendorp General Manager Hans Brouwer Production Lisa Boere Dancers Gijs Hanegraaf en Richèl Wieles, Ana Sofia Meireles (intern) en Evelyn Hutchings (intern) Technical producer Stefan Bandalac Marketing & Publicitty Dieke van der Spek en Leonie Poot Costumes Cindy Innemee – Cinderella’s Specialties Co-production Nederlandse Dansdagen Digitaal

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