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America's Got Talent final & Britain's Got Talent semifinal
David Middendorp
Madeline Harms, Cocchiara, Violet Broersma, Antinono Milazzo, Rachel Kivlighan and Nick Mishou
Dutch Tilt Studios and Suitup Studio

In mid-2014, David Middendorp received a phone call from the television program America’s Got Talent asking if he wanted to show an adaptation of his choreography Blue Journey in the program. The organization had seen the choreography on YouTube and was impressed by the originality and the combination of technology and dance.

Middendorp decided to go for it, adjusted the choreography and joined forces with the American dancers Rachel Kivlighan and Nick Mishou. The duo made it to the finals. With this, Middendorp secured a place in the live tour, a year later, of the program America’s Got Talent Live !: The All-Stars Tour. In 2015, the show visited 38 theaters in America and, in addition to an artistic challenge, brought a lot of media attention to Middendorp. The movie of the quarter finals has now been viewed 1.3 million times.

After successful participation in the American program America’s Got Talent, Middendorp decided in 2016 to participate in the British version of the program Britain’s Got Talent.

Here too Middendorp’s choreography turned out to make a big impression on the jury. After the first audition, the dancers and Middendorp received a standing ovation with the comment of jury member Simon Cowell, “That was stunning. You are a genius, you guys are fantastic”.

When Cowell asks the dancers why they participate in the program, dancer Antonino Milazzo responds with the meaningful words “to become part of Britain’s Got Talent history”. The company has more than succeeded in this.

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Choreographies David MiddendorpDancers Madeline Harms, Cocchiara, Violet Broersma, Antinono Milazzo, Rachel Kivlighan en Nick MishouVideo animation Dutch Tilt Studios en Suitup Studio

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