How technology influences the ubiquitous waves of our existence


Hands ON Stage, Airman, Frequentie & Frequentie², Flyland in a Room
Artistic leader
David Middendorp
David Middendorp in cooperation with the dancers
General manager
Hans Brouwer
Lisa Boere

"If five stars are what’s needed to make you go and see it, five stars it is."


We live on the waves of our existence, with on the one hand the inner movements between joy and sadness and on the other the cyclical movements of nature.

The changing of the seasons, the waves in the sea, but also sound waves and signal waves, they come and they go in a never-ending stream of motion. Life is intertwined with these waves, it is a natural dynamic principle that also determines dance to a great extent.

In line with Another Kind of Blue’s theme, choreographer David Middendorp explores in the new full-length performance Wave what role technology plays in our lives and how technology influences the ubiquitous waves of our existence. The four Wave choreographies, Airman, Frequentie & Frequentie², 15 Minute Universe en HandsON Stage, each cast their own view on this special dance between man and technology.

"Op creatieve en ingenieuze wijze weet David Middendorp een eenheid te maken van dans en technologie, zodat het onlosmakelijk aan elkaar is verbonden."

DansMagazine - Amanda Simons

Artistic leader David Middendorp ChoreographyDavid Middendorp in samenwerking met de dansers General managerHans Brouwer Production Lisa Boere


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