The intangible twin world of the digital and the physical

Digital Twin

MetaHuman, Missing, Frequentie3, Arms
With VR Experience
Teresa Royo, Esmee Boevink, Richèl Wieles, Gijs Hanegraaf, Aya Misaki & Gador Benito, Alicia Vaseo
Artistiek leider & Choreograaf
David Middendorp

Everything and everyone around us has a digital twin. Think of computer simulations for large structures, or virtual prototypes for new cars. But you too have one – in the form of all the data collected about you. Often, as humans, we think we have complete control over these digital copies. But is that really the case? Who ultimately influences whom? Because the dividing line between these areas is so fluid, it raises the question of where these worlds need each other to exist. How do they relate and interact?

The new full-length performance Digital Twin provides a glimpse into this intangible twin world and explores the overlapping but, more importantly, tantalising territory between the digital and the physical. Four different choreographies explore the interaction between these two worlds. What makes this performance unique is that it will be made into both a VR version and a stage version, each with a very different experience.

The piece Metahuman, a collaboration with choreographer Wubkje Kuindersma, holds up a (digital) mirror to us and shows us what form the digital twin version of a human can take. What would it be like to meet our digital twin brother or sister and what happens if we can communicate with them?

Missing goes one step further and takes us into the near future. In this moving piece, a dancer duets with the digital version of someone who is no longer physically there, but whose digital person still lives on in the other world. It gives us an insight into what it would be like if we could leave a digital version of ourselves to our loved one.

Frequency 3 takes a different path and opens the gates of the mathematical world of numbers. In this piece, we see how the dancers dance with the mathematics behind these digital worlds. Can we as humans change this or will chaos ensue?

Finally, Arms, the long-awaited sequel to Airman, also ties in seamlessly with this theme. The drones in this piece can only dance because there is also a digital twin version of each drone that does the calculations to make them fly. In short, Digital Twin takes us into the fascinating in-between space between the digital and the physical!

VR experience

Digital Twin is an immersive VR dance performance that explores the fluid and intriguing relationship between the digital and physical worlds. Through four unique choreographies, the audience is taken on a journey through the domain of the digital twin. The performance examines the question of who ultimately influences whom in this overlapping space, and how these worlds coexist and interact. With the VR headset, the audience can fully immerse themselves in this ethereal twin world, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that challenges perceptions and pushes the boundaries of traditional dance performances.


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Digital Twin

In de nieuwe avondvullende voorstelling van Another Kind of Blue onderzoekt choreograaf David Middendorp de ontastbare tweelingwereld van het digitale en het fysieke.